Goal #1 2015: Support a Movement #30GoalsEdu

050520153831I realize I haven’t written about accomplishing a goal for quite some time now. I don’t feel guilty, though, because Shelly and the wonderful group of educators, who regularly take part in the amazing #30GoalsEdu challenge, have been on my mind all the time. How could I forget about them anyway? It was the #30GoalsEdu movement which inspired me to start my own blog, and it was them who gave me the courage to hit the publish button. More importantly, they were the first to plant a seed of reflective practice in my mind. I’m really grateful for all their help and encouragement, and if you wish to start blogging about teaching, I strongly recommend that you join this supportive crowd of educators.

I’d like to add that my not writing about accomplishing goals doesn’t mean that I have been idle all the time. I check out this Facebook group whenever I can and read the posts other members of the community have written and shared. I sit up and take notice whenever I spot something on Twitter including the 30GoalsEdu hashtag. The group and its spirit are always with me.

Nevertheless, after reading Vicky Loras’s post, I decided to roll up my sleeves again and write a post about a goal I had recently accomplished. Regular readers of my blog have probably noticed that I love blogging very much. I have so many ideas I’d like to write about that it sometimes drives me crazy. I think I would even post more often if I didn’t fear that it might finally put off some of my followers. My son keeps warning me that everybody hates spammers. However, I also love reading other people’s blogs, as well as articles about teaching and education. Don’t ask me how many blogs I follow! And when there are no new blog posts in my WordPress Reader, I’m really sad.

Anyway, about two weeks ago, my blogging passion pushed me to become a registered TeachingEnglish blogger. I think it was one the posts I had read on Sandy Millin’s blog which eventually inspired me to take action. So, I’m very proud to announce that yesterday my first post about assessment was published on their blog. Thus, I have become a member of the TeachingEnglish community, and I believe that by doing so I have actually started supporting another movement, which, as the definition says, is an organized effort by supporters of a common goal. As a member of this community, I’ll be able to talk to other teachers about my teaching and the issues that concern and interest me, and I’ll also be able to read the topical blogs and engage with other bloggers through commenting and sharing. And I invite you to do the same …

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Hana Tichá

I'm an EFL teacher based in the Czech Republic. I've been teaching English to learners of all ages and levels for almost 30 years. You can find out more about me and my passion for teaching here on my blog.

6 thoughts on “Goal #1 2015: Support a Movement #30GoalsEdu”

  1. Congratulations, Hana! I read the post earlier today and thought it was very good. I was wondering though…is it my imagination or did it sound a bit as if you were writing for a different audience than your regular blog readers? Just curious.

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    1. Thanks, Vedrana. It’s interesting what you say about the blog post. Yes, I’d say that I was well aware of the fact that I was writing for a slightly different audience, even though part of the readership probably overlaps with the audience of this blog. I realize that the style is a bit more formal and less personal. Maybe I just wanted to try something different and I liked it. It’s a challenge if you know that you won’t be able to edit your post once it’s published.

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  2. Congratulations on becoming a TeachingEnglish blogger! I agree that the 30 goals challenge is very inspirational! And that blogging can leave one overwhelmed with how much we’d like to write about. *big grin* I’m glad you found another avenue so you have more space to share!

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