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A review of an ELT stand-up comedy

If you asked me about my favourite workshop/presentation/plenary/keynote I’ve recently been to, I’d probably say that something that really struck a chord with me was the talk given by Péter Medgyes at the 25th P.A.R.K. Conference in Brno. There were … Continue reading

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On strike today

Today, many teachers here in the Czech Republic are on strike. Teacher unions have been threatening with a strike for some time now because the government failed to keep its promise to raise teachers’ wages by 15 per cent as … Continue reading

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Vocabulary testing – the pros and cons

Paul Nation argues that deliberately teaching vocabulary is one of the least efficient ways of developing learners’ vocabulary knowledge because only a few words and a small part of what is required to know a word can be dealt with at any … Continue reading

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Nothing is arbitrary, so what?

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person who strongly believes that nothing in life is really arbitrary.  If nothing in life is arbitrary, then nothing concerning language is either. However, when a student asks me why … Continue reading

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Grammar or lexis? A wedding cake metaphor

In her latest post, Zhenya Polosatova presents a bunch of very interesting questions from all walks of our profession. Here are two examples which immediately captured my attention: Which mistakes are more likely to lead to misunderstanding – grammatical or … Continue reading

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The threat of becoming obsolete

These days, English learners (and L2 learners in general) can get as autonomous and independent as they wish. There is a plethora of mobile apps, movies, games, songs and books for them to learn English from. So I often ask … Continue reading

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An enthusiastic teacher of English

A while back I published this post summarizing an interview with Milan Šácha, a freelance Czech teacher of English. Recently, on the same website, there has been another interview on an ELT related topic, this time with Bronislav Sobotka, an … Continue reading

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