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To cheat or not to cheat

Cheating is something we teachers don’t like to see. And if we’re lucky, it doesn’t happen. But, is it a question of luck or bad luck? Well, I’m convinced that cheating happens only if it is allowed or encouraged. Who would … Continue reading

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Speaking intermezzos

I discovered a new way of approaching reading activities by breaking longer texts down into shorter units and intertwining speaking into reading. In previous lessons, my 17-year-olds had discussed gender inequality, which, I think, is not an exactly light topic … Continue reading

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SWOT Analysis

  I’ve recently been asked to do a SWOT analysis as part of the action plan our school is currently working on. As such analyses are usually conducted in the field of business, I was a little confused as to … Continue reading

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Form vs. meaning

I’ve recently caught myself doing something very strange while teaching; throughout the lesson, in my mind’s eye, I check if the activity we are doing is predominantly focused on meaning or is more towards the grammar end of the spectrum. In other … Continue reading

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Teaching by principles

With some extra time on my hands, I’ve been re-reading a publication I once needed for my MA studies called Teaching by Principles by Douglas Brown (3rd edition), which, as the blurb states, offers a comprehensive survey of practical language … Continue reading

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An excerpt from a new (revolutionary) coursebook

Unit 1  – Meeting people At the café Hana Tichá, a non-native teacher of English, enters the room merrily: “Hi, everybody! How are you?” Mike Cattlin, a slightly older northern Brit (according to his own words), greets Hana enthusiastically, waving his hand: … Continue reading

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A little *thank you*

I’ve recently learned from my WordPress statistics tracker that the largest proportion of visitors on my blog is based in the Czech Republic. This discovery was a big surprise for me because most of the interaction that happens here is … Continue reading

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