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I'm an EFL teacher based in the Czech Republic. I've been teaching English to learners of all ages for more than 20 years. I love metaphors and inspiring discussions concerning teaching, learning and linguistics.

Speaking Hangman

Here’s another speaking activity you may want to try with your students to pep up your lessons. The aim of the activity is to increase student talking time and to supply them with ideas how to describe a picture exhaustively. One … Continue reading

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The Scissors Effect

On Saturday, I attended another IH conference in Brno, which I think is beautifully summarized in this blog post by James Egerton. A couple of people I met there wanted to know when I’m going to present again. Honestly, I … Continue reading

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Playing with the sound

It goes without saying that silence can sometimes speak louder than words and that the more loudly the teacher speaks in order to be heard in a noisy class, the louder the students get. This, I think, is also true … Continue reading

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Sequential reading activity

A few days ago I read this post by Anthony Schmidt, which familiarized me with the concept of close reading (I had actually come across this term earlier, in one of my philosophy classes back at uni, but I’d never thought of applying it in an … Continue reading

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Pause, rewind and start again

Surely you know the feeling when something is not quite right the moment you wake up. And surely it doesn’t take long before you get some concrete evidence which only confirms your earlier hunch. As soon as you arrive at … Continue reading

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When the soup is not thick enough.

There is this ‘thickness’ I like to refer to when thinking about a successful lesson. A ‘thick’ lesson, like thick pea soup, needs some specific ingredients which you have to weigh and measure very carefully to achieve the expected outcome. But … Continue reading

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On the teacher status

Whenever I read articles comparing the social status and pay of teachers all over the world, I despair a little. Especially the graphs are disheartening. The thing is that the attitude towards teachers in my country is, according to Professor Peter Dolton, … Continue reading

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