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Mindfulness Blog Challenge

I’m proud to announce that I’ve recently taken part in The Mindfulness Summit, a not-for-profit project with a mission to make mindfulness mainstream. Now, what is mindfulness and why am I writing about it on an ELT blog? In a nutshell, … Continue reading

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#BlogChallenge: What Did You Teach Today?

This post is a response to a Blog Challenge started by Anthony Smith. This is what Anthony says: Out of curiosity and intrigue, and as a means of reflection, write what you did in your class(es) today, from checking attendance to … Continue reading

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Go light!

Everybody would probably agree that material light or material free lessons often turn out to be the best ones. I don’t know why it is so but I suspect that the feeling of not being pressed by the material one has … Continue reading

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Dictation – yes/no/why/how?

The other day I read Scott Thornbury’s post D is for Dictation. Following the example set by the author, I decided to ponder the value of this popular classroom activity. There must be something magical about dictation because it was one of … Continue reading

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The best game ever! (How to increase student talking time)

One of the rewards of teaching a class of 16 talented, motivated 12-year-olds is that you feel that almost every activity turns into something really valuable. Not that you don’t feel the same will other classes, it’s just that with … Continue reading

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The story behind the chip card

I love the kind of lessons when you manage to successfully complete something you have always wished to try. I’m not talking about completing a grammar exercise or something likewise commonplace. I’m talking about methods, approaches and principles you strongly … Continue reading

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How much risk are you willing to take?

Whenever you ask your students to use English, you actually ask them to take risks. For many learners, speaking (or writing) in English is a real challenge. It’s as if somebody asked you to do a bungee jump saying that … Continue reading

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