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Uncovering linguistic layers

From time to time a student composing an essay asks: “Shall I write in the street or on the street?”  As I don’t want to disturb the others by long lectures on prepositions, I usually say: “You can use both. Just … Continue reading

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Apparently, my blog has recently turned into a diary where I’ve been recording and sharing some of my corpora-related observations. Here’s another anecdote in the series of posts: Yesterday, in class, we dealt with adjectives of feeling and emotions and … Continue reading

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Google Fight

A couple of days ago I came across a post by Svetlana Kandybovich, in which she shares some great ideas for using Google in an L2 classroom. One of the tips I particularly liked was Googlefight, a website that allows users to compare … Continue reading

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Making lessons authentic via the use of corpora

In one of my previous posts, I talked about a simple way of using corpora in class. I truly believe that a corpus can be a handy tool for any language learner, but the size of a corpus, as well … Continue reading

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