Bucket list challenge #bucketlistchallenge

pansy-2173953_960_720The other day I was on the train, watching the autumn landscape pass by, feeling completely happy. My feeling of excitement was probably intensified by the fact that I had just been awarded the Bronze Blood Donor Plaque, which I was (and still am) immensely proud of.

This moment of quiet contemplation made me realize how lucky I’d been in my life. After all, I couldn’t be a blood donor if I wasn’t 100% fit, which I can’t really claim credit for. I couldn’t be a proud mother of three if, for some reason, I had been denied the opportunity to have children. And I’m exceptionally lucky that I have a job which I love so much.

The feeling of pride I was experiencing at that moment slowly turned into a feeling of immense gratitude and in my mind’s eye, I started identifying all the wonderful things I’d achieved. In fact, the word achieved sounds a bit arrogant to my ears now that I think about it. I’d rather say the wonderful things that had happened to me.

I can’t explain it in any other way but these days, everything fits in. Somehow, everything is in the right place. I cherish all my little successes but at the same time, I don’t exaggerate their importance. I bear in mind that I’ve achieved most of the goals due to the immense luck I’ve had in my life. Many of them weren’t even goals; at least not on a conscious level. If I believed in karma, I’d assume that previously, I must have led an exemplary life.


On a seemingly unrelated note, the other day I tweeted this:


It was this tweet which later inspired me to build an activity around the concept of bucket list. It panned out really well and my students shared their dreams and goals openly in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I realized how much I can discover about my students just by learning about their dreams.

At the end of the lesson, a student suddenly asked me what would be on *my* bucket list. I hesitated for a while. At that point, I couldn’t come up with more than one vague answer: I’d like to travel more in the future. I think I hesitated because, currently, I’m completely content with the way my life is and thus I feel no urge to control it in any way; it’s ‘enough’ to see it unfolding in front of my eyes. Do people produce bucket lists when they are dissatisfied with their lives or when they feel they need to catch up on something?

Anyway, after a quick search on the Internet, I can conclude that people do come up with interesting bucket lists. Some of them are plain crazy, some and quite inspiring. So, to make it up to my students, I decided to create my own 10-item bucket list here on my blog, which I’m going to share in class next week. I thought it would be a good idea to invite other bloggers to do the same in a new blog challenge called #bucketlistchallenge. It occurred to me that seeing other like-minded people’s bucket lists could be inspiring for me. It would be interesting to see how much we have in common regardless of our cultural differences.


So, here’s my bucket list. What’s yours?

  1. Watch seven sunsets and sunrises in a row.
  2. Become a vegetarian again, for good.
  3. Take a Zip Line ride/go on a big rollercoaster.
  4. Forgive everybody (including yourself) absolutely.
  5. Start a gratitude journal: list a thing you are grateful for every day for 1 month (maybe longer).
  6. Meditate at least once a day.
  7. Try oysters (before you become a vegetarian. LOL).
  8. Get hypnotized.
  9. Take martial arts or flamenco classes.
  10. Fly in a hot-air balloon.



About Hana Tichá

I'm an EFL teacher based in the Czech Republic. I've been teaching English to learners of all ages for almost 25 years and I still love my job. You can find out more about my passion here on my blog.
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7 Responses to Bucket list challenge #bucketlistchallenge

  1. hot air balloon is definitely on my bucket list!

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  3. Sandy Millin says:

    Here’s my contribution: https://wp.me/p18yiK-1Dz I’ve been doing flamenco classes for two years now, and would definitely recommend them. I’ve also been vegetarian at home since January, though I still eat meat when I’m out sometimes. And fly in a hot air balloon is number 2 on my list 🙂 Thanks for the blogging inspiration, as always!

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  4. Tyson Seburn says:

    I like this idea… For the last decade, I’ve made a 5-year goal list, but it’s been professional. Once I saw your tweet, I was kind of hoping that this bucket list would be professional goals.

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  5. Giulia says:

    I’m in for the challenge! 😊 I’ll post my own bucket list soon, thank you for the nice idea.

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