Summer reading tips

140320153635It’s July 2 and I think it’s the best time to come up with something ELT-unrelated. At last! Throughout the academic year, I’ve solely focused on edublogs and it’s never come to mind that I could read something outside of my field of expertise.

The truth is that with the advent of the holiday time, my favourite ELT bloggers have not been able to quench my thirst for new posts. Well, I’d better explain this; these days I have tons of free time on my hands to enjoy the thing I like most – reading. Thus, every morning, after a quick workout (this is a condition that must be met before I allow myself to open my laptop), I open my WP Reader and see what’s new. You know, people try hard to sate my hunger for new blog posts but it’s not enough. They simply can’t keep up.

That’s why I’ve decided to read other stuff too. I’ve recently discovered this amazing blog by James Clear, which I got really hooked on. In short, the blog is about the habits and routines that make people the best at what they do. Don’t get me wrong; my teacher self is only hibernating because whenever I read a post, I always tend to think of my classroom and how all the ideas could be applied in my teaching environment. Procrastination, which is the author’s frequent topic, is something I want to know more about because it’s a hot issue these days.

There’s another blog I like reading. It’s written by my friend’s daughter based in Australia. Jessica Rosman is a qualified preschool teacher who believes that “stories can make a profound difference and that engaging children in emotive, creative language is a wonderful way to encourage a lifetime love of healthy food”.  I can’t disagree. On her blog, Jessica shares her childhood memories (mostly related to bad eating habits) and each of her stories includes a moral. All the stories can be safely used in the L2 classroom (which I have actually done before) because they are relatively easy to read and understand. Plus they contain lots of authentic language. A tip for those teachers who don’t use coursebooks!

There’s one more blog I like visiting – Gareth’s Short Story Blog. Gareth Davies is an English teacher, teacher trainer and a popular conference presenter based in the Czech Republic. Almost every day, he publishes a new story. Some of his stories have audio versions, which I highly appreciate. Quite recently, Gareth set up another blog called Czech Hipster Coffee. On this blog, Gareth shares short blog reflectings on his experiences by writing non-reviews. His texts are full of ‘quirky’ language (Gareth’s favourite word), which is very useful for me – a lifelong English learner, who doesn’t want her language to deteriorate over the holidays.

That’ll be all for now. I hope I’ll discover more interesting stuff to read over the holidays. If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

About Hana Tichá

I'm an EFL teacher based in the Czech Republic. I've been teaching English to learners of all ages for more than 20 years. I love metaphors and inspiring discussions concerning teaching, learning and linguistics.
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2 Responses to Summer reading tips

  1. ven_vve says:

    Hi Hana,
    Since you’re branching out, I thought I’d recommend a non-ELT related blog called “Connected”. It’s by a lovely girl who happens to have also worked at Octopus as a teacher of English, German and Portuguese. She only started it a couple of months ago, but I’ve enjoyed the posts so far. Here’s the link:
    It’s nice to hear you’re enjoying the holidays!

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    • Hana Tichá says:

      Hi, Vedrana. I’ve just checked the link and it looks promising. Thanks for the tip. Lovely holidays to you! PS.: I wish I were lying on a beach in Croatia 🙂

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