How much one can learn in two months’ time

I feel that learning and sharing is what keeps me alive.
I had never learned as much as I did during the two months of 2013 summer holidays. This sounds like a perfect opening sentence of my brand-new blog, and it’s true.
In June 2013, when I joined Twitter, I didn’t even know what a tweet was. It took me hours to find a way through the maze. It took me days to realize that I don’t have to read every tweet and follow everybody. And then Nikki Fortova asked me if I was a member of #czelt on Facebook. So I joined my first ELT community. It was amazing; people I had never met before replied to my questions and liked my comments. Then I somehow found out about #eltpics – a wonderful project that took my breath away. I started sharing photos. And it felt great. I got addicted; I took my camera everywhere with me not to miss an interesting moment. My family went crazy. Then I found out that everybody was blogging and I thought: “Well, I could also have a blog!” So I started blogging. I turned my first blog into a learning & teaching resource. Then I decided I could have a related blog with practical tips for teachers. I started tweeting to promote my blogs. I got some views – mainly from my family and friends 🙂 – and it kept me adding material. It was on Twitter where I found out about this project called The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators. I watched an interview with Vicky Loras. She was interviewed by Shelly S. Terrell. They were both so lively and enthusiastic that I decided to join the Facebook group. And here I am waiting for all the new challenges …I can hardly believe that this all started only two months ago; it feels like ages.



About Hana Tichá

I'm an EFL teacher based in the Czech Republic. I've been teaching English to learners of all ages for more than 20 years. I love metaphors and inspiring discussions concerning teaching, learning and linguistics.
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2 Responses to How much one can learn in two months’ time

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. I'm so glad you found The 30 Goals Challenge among the many other great projects you named. I can relate to being wowed that you learn and do so much in such a short time when connected to inspiring and supportive educators. It fires you up and encourages you to accomplish so much.


  2. Hana Tichá says:

    Thanks for reading, Shelly 🙂


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